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Roller Shutter repair and Maintenance Singapore

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Looking for high-quality roller shutter door services in Singapore? How Shutter offers maintenance and repair services islandwide for residential homes and commercial buildings.

Roller Shutter Door Maintenance

As roller shutter maintenance specialists in Singapore, our job is to ensure that your roller shutter doors function properly at all times, and provide maintenance that will prolong the service life of your roller shutters. We examine them to see if they work as they should and detect any issues that may arise.

Regular maintenance is important and can help boost your doors’ efficiency and lifespan. By letting How Shutter schedule roller shutter maintenance, you are saving yourself from possible repairs and costly replacements. Our team will spot signs of potential problems and minor issues before they turn into major ones.

Roller Shutter Door Repair

How Shutter has been providing roller shutter repair to homeowners and business owners in Singapore. We have performed thousands of roller shutter door repairs and have the experience necessary to handle your concerns. With our competent team and their extensive knowledge, we can fix a wide range of issues such as loss of power and problems regarding the emergency release chain, among other things.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your doors break down. With our roller shutter door service, you can relax and have peace of mind that your problems will be solved right away.

Maintenance vs. Repair

Your roller shutter doors are exposed to general wear and tear and natural elements such as sunlight, moisture, and strong wind. Fortunately, you can protect them and extend their lives by getting roller shutter maintenance in Singapore. During the process, we will be inspecting your doors for unusual wear and tear as well as problems that may have already existed when they were installed.

But if you have observed severe damage to your doors, let us know immediately and we will conduct a thorough inspection for signs of failure and recommend roller shutter repair.

Why Choose How Shutter?

Whether you need roller shutter door repairs or maintenance, here are the reasons why you can depend on How Shutter:

Experience and Reputation – How Shutter has been manufacturing quality roller shutters and doing roller shutter door repairs since 2001. We hire only highly qualified advisors and skillful roller shutter door service installers to meet your expectations. With our vast experience of more than 25 years, trust that your repair needs will be addressed professionally. Shop Drawings will be provided for the Architect's approval.

Quick Response - Clients who have used our services for many years reflect the strength of our business. You can be assured that your problem will be solved effectively with immediate action if permitted.

Versatility and Affordability – We offer all types of roller shutter repair and maintenance contracts to ensure your protective doors operate in perfect condition. Our maintenance schedules cover all manual and motor-operated roller shutters at affordable prices.

Seek Our Roller Shutter Door Service Today
Your home/building deserves quality roller shutter doors. How Shutter is committed to providing excellent roller shutter door service to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today at +65 6283 8385 or send an email at