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About Us

Established in 2001, How Shutter has always been committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services. We consistently deliver customized solutions, whether it be an aluminium roller shutter in Singapore, slats, or shutter door maintenance or repair. By choosing us as your roller shutter provider, you can expect a hands-on approach, excellent workmanship, and cost-effective options.

Your choice of roller shutter is an important decision with regard to protecting your home or building from security issues and natural elements. We offer gliding roller shutters, slats, and shutter parts. Let us assist you in choosing the type best suited for your needs and take your property to the next level.

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Services We Offer

Our team of roller shutter experts is here to deliver the best commercial and residential roller shutter maintenance solutions. Allow us to rectify every error and extend the life of your aluminium roller shutter.

At How Shutter, we ensure that your roller shutters are properly taken care of. Our maintenance program helps maximize its service life and boost the performance of your roller shutters, whether for your home or business. Give us the opportunity to help keep them functioning for years to come.

Looking to repair broken roller shutters? Help is on the way! At How Shutter, we understand how important it is to act quickly. Minor issues, when left unattended, could lead to severe damage or a complete replacement of your roller shutters. Thus, it is highly advisable for you to contact us the moment any issues arise, in order to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Exceeding 25 years of experience, we are more than capable of handling any type of roller shutter repair We will examine your roller shutters to assess the extent of the damage and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed quote for the repairs.

Let Us Secure Your Homes & Buildings

If you suspect that your aluminium roller shutter may be damaged, or simply wish to have it inspected and regularly maintained, feel free to contact How Shutter at +65 6283 8385. We have decades of experience helping residential and commercial property owners maintain and repair their roller shutter systems. Entrust us with the job and get peace of mind that your home or building is secured.

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